September 14, 2020 Daily Devotion

Prayer is the Best Medicine

God commissioned me to heal you.

Tobit 12:14

At the same daily mass that I saw the praying mantis, I offered the priest a healing prayer after mass. The Holy Spirit prompted me to “seize this moment” for this limping priest. He stated he woke up at 0300 AM with a leg cramp and thought about taking a muscle relaxer. He thought twice because 4 hours later he needed to say mass.

After mass, I caught up to the limping priest and introduced myself as a “healer” and that God commissioned me to heal him today. I asked if I could pray over him in front of the congregation and he accepted. We had about 50 people gathered around Father and I offered a prayer of healing.

Afterwards, I gave him a business card and encouraged him to review the Creator model of healthcare: especially drinking more water with raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with lemon and raw honey. I also recommended soaking in Epsom salt. The priest limped away…All life and healing comes from God. 

God is the greatest physician.

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

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