June 9, 2020

Talk to Jesus my Mindful Moments...

Father, keep them in your name.

John 17:11

In John’s gospel, Jesus is asking his Father to hold us securely in His arms. No one can take you out of His loving embrace. So talk to Jesus about your hopes, fears, desires, strengths and weakness as you spend time listening for his voice. Recently, The Holy Spirit encouraged me to write this song to further glorify his Holy Name: Thank you Jesus-my guiding light!

Talk to Jesus in the morning.
Talk to Jesus in the night.
Talk to Jesus, my mindful moments.
Talk to Jesus, my guiding light.

Verse 1:
Jesus is the Lord of Lords.
Jesus is the King of Kings.
Jesus is our salvation.
Jesus lives in you and me.

Verse 2:
Jesus forgives all our sins.
Jesus loves unconditionally.
Jesus is totally amazing.
Jesus is for you and me.

Verse 3:
Jesus walks with dignity.
Jesus talks humbly.
Jesus died courageously.
Jesus gave his life for you and me.

Verse 4:
Jesus is the Lamb of God.
Jesus is the Light of Lights.
Jesus calls us to be forgiving.
Jesus gives his mercy for you and me.

Verse 5:
Jesus calls us his children.
Jesus encourages me to smile.
Jesus loves me abundantly.
Jesus presence is peace for me.

Quietness is the classroom where we hear the word of God.

Talk to Jesus My Mindful Moments…