A Season of Hope! - Daily Devotion

A Season of Hope!

Your redemption is at hand!

Are You Ready to Stand Before the Lord - Daily Devotion

Please lead me, Lord!

Glory Is the Splendor, Holiness, and Majesty of God! - Daily Devotion

All for the glory of God!

Liver and Onions - Daily Devotion

Liver and Onions

Indeed, that was you God!

The “Garden” of Eden - Daily Devotion

The “Garden” of Eden

The fruits of eternal life!

Filled with a Noble Spirit... - Daily Devotion

I lift my eyes to you, O Lord!

Smile Breathe Love - Daily Devotion

Smile, Breathe, and Love

Three words to change the world!

Talk to God, Jesus Did! - Daily Devotion

Talk to God, Jesus did!

Talk to Jesus my guiding light

Pursue Righteousness Above Wealth - Daily Devotion

Let us realign our hearts with the will of God.

The Light Shines in Darkness - Daily Devotion

The Light Shines in Darkness

Allow the Holy Spirit to fill us rather than copying the world.

Priceless Promises - Daily Devotion

Priceless Promises

Pray and declare the promises of God.

The Secret to Having Peace - Daily Devotion

The Secret to Having Peace

It is God’s obligation to sort things out in the right way, not ours.

He is Always Present - Daily Devotion

He is Always Present

In the dark and in the light, Jesus is with us.

Who is Your Lord? - Daily Devotion

Who is Your Lord?

Allow Jesus to rule over every aspect of our lives.

Seek the Good of Many - Daily Devotion

Seek the Good of Many

Unite all in love, for God is love!

Love Is the Answer! - Daily Devotion

Love Is the Answer!

Indeed, God is Love.

The Inner Voice of the Holy Spirit - Daily Devotion

Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude: Jesus

Thanksgiving - Daily Devotion


Thanks be to God!

What a Beautiful Name It Is... - Daily Devotion

The name of Jesus Christ my King!

Honoring the Physicians - Daily Devotion

Honoring the Physicians

Indeed, unconditional love is the greatest healer.

All Life and Healing Come From God! - Daily Devotion

God is Love!

The Reign of God is at Hand - Daily Devotion

The Reign of God is at Hand

Keep our eyes on the prize!

How to be A Good Steward - Daily Devotion

How to be A Good Steward

Lord, help me have a heart that glorifies your name through serving.

Will You Submit to God’s Will - Daily Devotion

God is trustworthy and faithful.

Let God be God - Daily Devotion

Let God be God

God’s grace is built on His immense love for us.

How Do We Control Our Tongues - Daily Devotion

Prophesy life with your words.

God Would Never Abandon Us - Daily Devotion

God Would Never Abandon Us

God is with us.

Meant to Work in Unity and Unselfish Love - Daily Devotion

In love, unite and encourage one another.

Golden Crown That Will Last Forever - Daily Devotion

Let us maintain our gaze fixed on the prize that is eternal.

Happy Birthday Mom - DrGeorgeJ Daily Devotion

Happy Birthday Mom!

To God all the glory!

For Out of Man, She Was Taken - Daily Devotion

For Out of Man, She Was Taken

Grant that she and I may find mercy and that we may grow old together. Tobit 8:7

Veterans salute - DrGeorgeJ Daily Devotions

Veteran’s Salute!

God bless our Veterans!

Kiss From Heaven - Daily Devotion

Kiss From Heaven

Three hugs a day for the optimal health of our mind, body, and spirit!

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