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So, let’s go and introduce again our author Stephen Harrod Buhner. He has a long history of offering many books and publications on plant-based medicine. And I find this book very fascinating, and it really gives us a great overview of bacteria are our partners.

Bacteria As Our Partners

They’re (bacteria) not our enemies. They’re our ancestors. They were here before we were here. And just like us, they metabolized fats, proteins, sugars, and vitamins. And these germs, that we think are the enemies, they’re really the fabric of all life on earth. That’s how we are able to live and to survive. Remember, we’ve got bacteria all over our body, in our gut, in our nasal mucosa, and all our mucous membrane. And healthy relationship with other bacteria and fungus parasites, it’s the biome. It’s important because without it, we would not be able to survive.

So, if we declare war on these bacteria, we’re declaring war on all life forms, including ourselves. And we’re finding that out with the resistant antibiotics. And the bacteria always going to win, we have to change our whole mindset and work with them, synergistically.

Did you know that one of the few naturally sterile places on earth is in a woman’s womb when the baby’s developing? And that makes a lot of sense. That’s when the body is bacteria free. Now, what do we do at birth? We placed the baby on the mother’s chest at the nipple and the baby’s skin on mom’s skin. That bacteria, it starts to colonize the baby’s body. And then by nursing that introduces those probiotics, those two bacteria, the lactobacillus and other bacteria into the baby’s gut to protect it from any adverse bacteria. And it provides, look at all the B vitamins it provides, to help digest food and to provide natural antibiotics, nature’s way.

So,  our nasal patches passages, our gut, and our skin. They’re our first line of defense. Remember, our skin is our largest organ, and it protects us from invading organisms. Our good bacteria help us, especially in our gut, preventing disease through that gut biome, where the immune system is. Our immune systems in our gut, all diseases start in the gut. And how about in our throat? The alpha streptococcus normally is in our throat and that it’s there to prevent the overgrowth of the Beta Strep pyogenes, which causes strep throat. We need both, the alpha will suppress the beta and they can live harmoniously. But we alter it through our diets, lack of sleep. We are through antibiotics. We alter it through too much drugs, alcohol, smoking, through our lifestyle. Bending back to remember the lifestyle medicine.

And remember, it’s good to be exposed to bacteria and viruses to stimulate our immune system and allow our body the ability to fight off these bacteria and viruses build that memory, that immunity.

Ancient Symbiosis

We need to come in contact with the microorganisms of the world to be healthy. We can’t live in a bubble, right? We’re not living in a bubble of folks. So, the truth is we live in an ancient symbiosis. That’s a partnership with a bacteria, the viruses, the microfauna, which is those microscopic organisms that live in the soil like nematodes and protozoa, the other colonizers.

They’re what makes these systems work synergistically. Remember the symbiosis has to work together. The antibiotics do not cure the disease. They simply kill the opportunistic bacteria. So, they’re not really fixing the underlying problem. You’re creating more problems down the road. So, without that body’s strong immune system, you’re not going to have that healthy synergism, that ecology within the body and people are going to die. And we’re seeing that with drug resistant infections. And remember folks that have HIV or cancer or chronic diseases, they have an immune system problem. And if we suppress it even more with antibiotics and change that symbiosis, that fauna, the flora then they’re going to have even more problems down the road. Remember the decline in human mortality should be credited to public hygiene and safer water, not antibiotics. We’re finding that up antibiotics, especially the overused is causing significant problems in our world.

So, many of our diseases, new to humanity, like there’s nutrient deficiencies, the yeast overgrowth, remember? We’ve had a discussion on leaky gut in the past. Allergies or immune suppression with these inflammatory conditions like thyroid disease, rheumatoid disease, adrenal fatigue, they’re all linked to unhealthy guts and disruption of the gut biome. Most of it due to antibiotics, sometimes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, and our lifestyles. Remember those seven S’s? The sentiments, the suds, the sin, the smoking, the sad American diet, all of those things disrupt our guts and that biome. And So, if bacteria didn’t learn how to develop resistance, all life on earth will cease to exist. We never want that to happen.

And So, that’s why they do, that’s why they’re So, smart. Like we talked about in the last video is they can replicate every 20 minutes, could get ahead of us. And they are a lot smarter than we are. And So, if we’re trying to kill these bugs, we’re actually trying to kill ourselves. And that doesn’t make any sense.

The Oral teachings of the Cherokee Nation

And so, let’s talk about the great Cherokee nation, and some of our ancestors, and that wisdom that they gave us about herbal plants as antibiotics. Each tree, each shrub, and herb, down even to the grasses and the mosses agreed to furnish a remedy for some of the diseases of humankind. Each said: “I shall appear to help man, whenever he calls upon me in his need.”

It’s there, and we’re going to show you them. You know, this next slide I love because it makes so much sense. These invasive plants, which we consider weeds in our yard, really are God’s way, earth’s way of insisting we notice her medicines. And what I thought were weeds a few years ago, this is not what I cultivate.

I eat the dandelions. I harvest the dock. I harvest the lavender. I harvest the thistle and we dry them and we use them in teas. And God is telling us, this is what I want you to take. And so, when you see a bunch of this, you know, in your yard and your garden or other places, maybe there’s a reason for that.

The US medical model is not workable. Many nations across the globe are turning away from that. It’s not sustainable. We can’t afford it. It’s not effective. We’re not healthy. And it’s motivated, folks, by profit, by wealth, not our health. And we physicians, we medical people take an oath: First do no harm.

We can’t go down that path of not doing the right thing for our patients. And that corporate profit making and human health. They’re not compatible. And there’s a significant distress for the medical system in 2021. And this pandemic showing us that with the vaccine and all the censorship that’s surrounding that.

So, this is resurgence of empowerment and self-care. Where are we at in all of this, right? DrGeorgeJ Holistic Health and Healing, and the Creator Model of Healthcare. This is part of the Creator Model Healthcare, a plant-based diet.

5 Systemic Herbal Antibiotics

We’re excited. We’re excited to be a part of the change that’s coming.

And there are many continents around the globe. And the first one is cryptolepsis, sida, artemisia, bidens, and alchornea. And we’re going to take each one of these one at a time, and you’re going to see how powerful they are.

And I don’t know enough about them in terms of how they’re used and maybe some of the under developing countries. But I know they’re not used as significantly in this country, at least in Western medicine. Maybe on the outpatient side, in some naturopathic clinics. But it’s exciting and promising because antibiotics, these herbal antibiotics, they work synergistically with the bacteria, and they won’t become resistant. So, it goes by lots of different names. You can see all those names there. And when we get to Africa in October, I know this plant is in Africa, and it probably goes by one of those other names, and we’ll see how they use it and how effective it is for them.



Traditional Uses of Cryptolepis:

-It’s active against Babesia, which is like a parasitic infection attacks red blood cells, very similar to Lyme’s disease.
-Has many antibacterial activity against Staph auraureus, Strep pyogenes, which is distressed throat, E coli, which is usually in our urine or stool, Klebsiella, salmonella, Shigella, they’re all stool bacteria or Klebsiella could be in urine. The Proteus, a Neisseria is a sexually transmitted disease. And so, lots of broad spectrum for this verbal antibiotic.
-Also, antiparasitic.
-Anti-malarial, malaria is a parasite. And so, that has a lot of promise. And so, I think there’s probably a lot of use of this in Africa and I’ll find out when I go.
-It’s anti-inflammatory. So, if you’ve got inflammation, swollen arm, or twisted knee or joint, it could help there, it helps bring down fever and, helps in the blood. 


One of the things is you don’t want to use this in is pregnant women and women that are breastfeeding. But there are otherwise no adverse reactions identified in animals or human studies.

Most, other antibiotics that we take in Western medicine, there’s a long laundry list of adverse reactions that can happen. God’s plants, His medicine, very rare are you going to find any type of reaction.

Now for malaria? You would take a teaspoon to a tablespoon, three times a day for five days and repeat in 14 days.

And so, you can do this by putting a teaspoon of the cryptolepsis and hot water, make a strong infusion. And you want to be sure the pH of the water is less than seven, because as an alkaloid, the cryptolepsis won’t dissolve. And So, you have to have an acidic water for the alkaloid, which is alkaline to dissolve.

You can drink one to two cups daily or take three of the capsules. You can make these look like antibiotic capsules and you can fill them with this powder and you could take them as a capsule as well. In acute condition, if you had malaria, you can drink up to six cups a day or take up to 20 of those capsules a day.

So, I’ll be very interested to see how much of this they use in Africa versus the chloroquine, the hydroxy chloroquine, which was one of the medicines they’ve been using for the COVID.

Cryptolepsis vs. Chloroquine for malaria​
But look at the comparison between the cryptolepsis and hydroxy chloroquine. The people that have taken the cryptolepsis, the herbal antibiotic, their symptoms are relieved in 36 hours versus 48 hours.

And the parasite cleared within three days for the cryptolepsis in two and a half days for the chloroquine that they felt better using the cryptolepsis. And then there was no adverse side effects with the cryptolepsis. And 40% of the folks who were taking the chloroquine, they had to change medications because they had side effects.

Cryptolepsis broadly antibacterial
And so, again, getting back to that plant-base has a lot less problems in the contra-indication or side effects. And look at how broadly effective it is against cholera, which is a dysentery, Shigella, Entamoeba, E-coli, all stool issues. MRSA, skin issues, streps skin, mycobacterium TB, tuberculosis, and then other lung and urine infections.

So, it’s exciting times folks. We might have a whole another, just a whole shift in how we treat these bacteria and reclaiming a healthy relationship between bacteria in our skin, our mucus membranes, in our gut.

Also, has very good, vasodilatory effects, it means it lowers down our blood pressure. And so, eating those plants can help lower our blood pressure as well.

And also, fight cancer. They’ve been shown to be very high in antioxidants as well. So, they help us prevent cancer or treat cancer if we need to.

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Sida Acuta

The second one is Sida Acuta or sida carpinifolia. It’s native to Mexico, central America. And you’ll find a lot of these around mines that are being reclaimed. And they’re good at healing damaged lands with the cadmium, and the mercury, and the nickel and different heavy metals, the lead, arsenic. So, you’ve gotta be careful because they’re a great detoxifier. You know, if you eat a lot of that, then you’re going to be eating of those does trace toxic minerals as well.

If they’re not around those reclaimed sites, then you’ll be fine and you can use the whole plant leaves, stems, and the seeds.

Medicinal Uses:
Lots of different medicinal uses from malaria, again, typhoid, toothache, good for pain, fever, again, gonorrhea, ulcer, cancers, inflammation, headaches, urinary infections, dysentery, asthma, and infections that go through the whole body.

Sida Acuta

And So, it’s an exciting time to see how these five herbs will change or potentially change the landscape in how we treat serious infections. And then prevent the disruption of our gut biome and keep us a lot healthier.

Food is medicine. So, you can take three capsules, three times a day, up to 30 capsules daily, or one to three tablespoons of powder and water daily for an acute condition. Again, look at this, none noted for side effects.

Again, you probably don’t want to take this if you’re trying to get pregnant, or if you’re pregnant, it’s not a contraception, but they say it might prevent pregnancy. And I’m not sure how that occurs, but it isn’t a contraception.

And it does contain small amounts of ephedrine, which is a stimulant, but it isn’t a significant amount. May cause a little weight loss and actually provide a little bit of natural energy.

Alchornea Cordifolia

Medicinal Uses:
Alchornea Cordifolia, also, known as Christmas Bush. It’s a medicinal plant with anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-retroviral, anti-parasitic, antitoxin properties. So, lots of potential for this one. And where can we find this? We’ll probably find it in Africa where I go, a large part of the African continent. It treats, malaria to snake bites. And also, the Babesia, remember, that’s the Lyme disease like infection? The parasite that attacks the red blood cells and it’s underutilized in Western medicine. So, really has a potential to help in a lot of chronic diseases.

And look at this, it’s effective against 71 out of 74 different pathogens. Some of those ones that we’ve talked about here already today, the MRSA, the H pylori, the Shigella, salmonella, E coli. Those diarrhea infections, the Pseudomonas infections in the lungs, Klebsiella,, the Staph in the skin. It’s exciting to see how effective it can be. But it also, has indications against protozoa, amoebas, and parasites.

Alchornea Cordifolia

Again, useful for treating malaria, Trypanosoma, which is the African sleeping sickness, and parasitic worms like filariasis.

And so, how do we use Alchornea? We use it in teas, tinctures, and powder.

So, tea, an ounce of the powder or the leaves and the roots per quarter of water, we steep it for 20 minutes. Drink eight ounces, every four hours.

The tinctures. How do you make a tincture? If it’s a one in five, that means one kilo of the herbs and five liters of water. If it’s one and two, it’d be one kilo and two liters of water. So, the lower, the number. One and two, it means the stronger concentration would be. So, if it was one in 10, it’d be a lot more dilute.

So, we take a quarter teaspoon, every four hours, the powder, we can liberally sprinkle that on that side of infection or the wound four to six times a day. And no side effects are contra-indicated indications noted. How powerful and how beautiful is that?

Biden’s Pelosi

Biden’s Pelosi native to south America. It’s an invasive species. Remember? God tells us what’s important. It’s very hardy. It can grow from sea level all the way up to 10,000 feet for 75 degrees minus 90 degrees. So, it’s very, very hardy.

Medicinal Uses:
And it can be used for bad infections, systemic infections, especially of any of the mucus membranes. So, our mouth, it could be used for our GI tract, our skin, nasal passages, lungs, skin infections, the staph infections. And again, it can be used for malaria and Babesia. Very similar to what we talked about earlier of being like Lyme’s disease.

How do we use it? Teas and tinctures. A teaspoon in eight ounces of water, steep for 15 minutes, drink two to four cups daily. The tincture again, one and two is a pretty high concentration. 95% alcohol that 45 to 90 drops in the large glass of water four times a day. It’s a fresh plant.

Biden’s Pelosi

If it’s a dried plant, then we’d be have a one in five concentration. So, one kilo of the dry. Five liters of water, 135 to 180 drops in a large class up to four times a day.

These plants tend to be around reclamation areas, and they are very good at taking out all the heavy metals and the toxins, if you will, in the soil. And so, we gotta be careful to harvest them around those areas that also, can alter the blood glucose and the insulin levels. You just have to be careful and watch that. So, those are really the only contraindications.

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Artemisia Annua


Artemisia Annua also, known as sweet wormwood, sweet Annie, sweet sagewort. And it’s a type of wormwood native to Asia, but naturalized in parts of North America.

Medicinal Uses:
Famous for its treatment of malaria, reducing fever, skin, and wound infections, parasites, and used in cancer.

And for malaria, it’d be 500 to 1,000 milligrams for five days. And then repeat in two weeks to treat any newly hatched parasites. And you would just repeat that treatment two weeks. The fresh plant is the strongest. You would never want to boil fresh or dried plant. You want to prepare it in room, temperature water because it’s not highly water soluble. It’s best prepared in alcohol and oil extractions.

Biden’s Pelosi

Side Effects and Contraindications:

All right, folks, the side effects. Well, nausea, up to a quarter of the cases, occasional dizziness, ear ringing, little itching, and some abdominal pain. Not recommended in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.


So, those five herbal antibiotics, time will tell in terms of, will they replace many of the antibiotics being used for a lot of our invasive and systemic illnesses and diseases that were finding a lot of resistance to antibiotics. And will that shift the whole course of our gut biome, and our health, and less resistance, and less side effects in a healthier population. Remember, we have to coexist with our bacteria. We’re never going to eliminate. That’s foolish. We have to coexist with them. Again, invasive plants are Earth’s ways of insisting we notice her medicines and the great oral teaching of the Cherokee nation, “Each tree, each shrub in each herb down, even to the grasses and mosses agreed to furnish the recipe for some of the diseases of humankind. And each said, “I shall appear to help, man, whenever he calls upon me in his need.””

We have to seek this wisdom of our ancestors for healing, not the wealth of the pharmaceutical companies, but the health of our people. And so, it’s coming folks. It’s an exciting time, and we’re glad to be on the forefront of the Creator Model of Healthcare and leading to show the world a better way.

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