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Systematic Herbal Antibiotics

Bacteria are our friends

Are you aware that bacteria are our allies? Bacteria are the foundation of all life on this planet. Our bodies include bacteria in places, including our skin, mucous membranes, and gut. The human gut is home to the majority of the microorganisms found in the body. We cannot thrive without bacteria. We have declared war on all life forms and ourselves by declaring war on bacteria.

A woman’s womb is one of the few naturally sterile areas on earth. This is the only moment when the body is clear of bacteria. Nursing introduces lactobacilli and other bacteria into the baby’s intestines. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B9, and B12 assist a baby’s body to digest food and generate natural antibiotics.

It is beneficial for our immune systems to be exposed to germs and viruses. To be healthy, we must come into contact with the world’s microbes. We live in a partnership with bacteria. Antibiotics are only effective against opportunistic germs and do not treat the disease. It is creating more problems down the road. People perish if their bodies cannot rebuild a healthy ecosystem. Taking drugs is useless without underlying immunity. Antibiotics, especially overuse of antibiotics, cause tremendous problems for our health.

Medicinal plants

We have used medicinal herbs for healing since the dawn of time. The link between man and his hunt for pharmaceuticals in nature extends back thousands of years. Herbal plants can be our antibiotics. Invasive plants that we consider as weeds in our yard are earth’s way of insisting we should notice its medicines. Let’s talk about 5 systemic herbal antibiotics and how powerful they are. These herbal antibiotics work synergistically with the bacteria and they won’t become resistant

Five systematic herbal antibiotics

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What we need is empowerment and self-care. We have to change our whole mindset about our health and embrace lifestyle medicine. Here at DrGeorgeJ Holistic Health and Healing, we offer support and empowerment to everyone and everyone who chooses to live fully alive and empowered to optimal body, mind, and spirit health through the Creator Model of Healthcare’s 5 Pillars of Wellness.

We are excited to be a part of a change in the healthcare.

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Five Systematic Herbal Antibiotics

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Systematic Herbal Antibiotics
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