OMT Self-Care Techniques

Empowering Ourselves to Optimal Health through Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Osteopathic-therapist - DrGeorgeJ OMT

Balance, align and strengthen the Core (pelvis) for optimal musculoskeletal health

At the point of care, osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) is a beneficial technique that has the potential to save costs while also improving pain and function in patients. There are several uses for manipulative treatment in primary care, all with a low risk of side effects, but it’s crucial to understand how OMT differs from other manual therapies.

OMT treatment focuses on treating directly with incorrect body physiology using a variety of direct and indirect procedures, rather than only spinal alignment. This individualized treatment plan is tailored to the patient’s specific needs, allowing the body’s self-healing and self-regulating systems to be facilitated at the point of care.

Common Body Pain and Remedies​

“Believe that the body is self-healing and self-regulating”


-Balance pelvis
-Sub-occipital release with thumbs
-Scalp massage
/Breathing exercises

Low Back Pain

-Balance pelvis
-Core muscle strengthening
-Muscle energy program


-Balance pelvis
-½ spinal twist
-8 glasses of water
-routine exercise
-fruits and vegetables

Dental Pain

-Facial Acupressure
-Clove oil
-Crushed garlic
-Baking soda swish and spit

Cervical restriction/ pain

-Balance Pelvis
-Muscle Energy

Rib Restriction

-Balance Pelvis
-Muscle energy
-Rib raises

Ear Pain

-Facial Acupressure

Knee/Ankle Pain

-Balance Pelvis
-Muscle Energy

Sinus pain/URI

Common Practices to Prevent and Improve Health and Wellness

Common Practices to Prevent and Improve Health and Wellness

1. Avoid wallet in back pocket
2. Sit, walk, and stand long and tall
3. Eustachian tube dysfunction: Valsalva, Chew gum or candy, drink plenty water (swallowing mechanism)

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