Meditation and Mindfulness

What Is Meditation?

Various forms of introspective practices and mental techniques used to develop positive states and traits of mind through disciplined training.

What Is Mindfulness?

The trait, state, or practice of non-judgementally focusing with receptive awareness on sensations, feelings, thoughts or external stimuli that arise in the present moment.

Mindfulness: My Definition


Growing the Divine Exchange:

Finding Pure Peace in the presence of Jesus Christ moment by moment without judgement.

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you (James 4:8). Healthy living begins with healthy thinking. Be kind to yourself.

Meet people where they are at. Love is the Law. Visualizing ourselves and each person as made in the image of GOD.

Be humble, loving and forgiving.


It is a constant battle for the mind:

Good versus evil. The evil one is the master of disguise and discouragement.

We all have our demons. Quietness is the classroom to hear the word of GOD. Allow the Holy Spirit to organize your day.

Let your mind, body and spirit relax in God’s presence. Know that you are worth of God’s unfailing Love and Mercy.

Picture yourself running into the compassionate arms of Jesus Christ. Know that Jesus is all and in all.

Brain break:

Mental hygiene, mental discipline, Brain Yoga

Mental floss:

Daily habit—grows empathy, kindness, compassion, joy, love and forgiveness.


Opens our mind, body and spirit to the fruits of the Holy Spirit: Peace and Joy

Grows brain neurons, helps us focus, increase productivity and performance

Fosters imitating the life of Jesus Christ-humility, love and forgiveness

Opens the flow of God’s grace and mercy-healing of mind, body and spirit

Unites all in Love for GOD is Love! Deepens our love for God and each other

Mindfulness Practice

⦁ Control the breath: allows us to calm the mind, relax the body and renew our spirit: Foundation for Healing (Breath in Breath out)

⦁ Let Praise and Thankfulness rule in your heart: Focus on the Lord-centering your entire being
"Thank you God for another day on earth and an open heart with the courage to do your will."


May I be happy, May I be humble, May I be peaceful, May I be loved. Repeat with may you….then with may we….

Jesus, I trust you, Jesus I love you

Our God is an awesome God…

With God all things are possible (Mathew 19:26) Jesus, please help me. The battle is now Jesus’s and our role is to trust

Are You Mindful or Mindless?

Make Meditation and Mindfulness a part of your daily habit.​

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Integrating Mindfulness

Integrate mindfulness into your daily life outside of meditation by remembering to:





Stop what you're doing.

Take a few deep breaths.

Observe internal & external states.

Proceed more mindfully.

Resources: Headspace: Meditation App, 10 for 10  |  Fully Present by Susan Smalley & Diana Winston  |  Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson  |  Mindful-based Mind  Fitness Training:  |  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction by Jon Kabit-Zinn  | free meditation ebooks & audiobooks for Navy and Army  | hundreds of recorded guided meditations and classes  |  Yoga Nidra: guided meditation for sleep

Lead with Love as the power of love is God!

Dr. George J. Ceremuga received a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. He served as an Army Officer with the 4th Infantry Division prior to medical school. He received his Doctor of Osteopathy from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed a Family Practice Residency at The Medical Center in Beaver, Pennsylvania.

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