Prayer: The way to Holiness

Today’s Daily Devotion – October 15 2022

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

It becomes a lamp for our steps and a light for our path. — Psalm 119:105

No one can stop you from praying. It simply your choice. The Saints can teach you how to pray. They are distinguished by a spirit of prayer and a need for communion with God. St. John of the Cross tell us: “Endeavor to remain always in the presence of God, either real or imaginative as is permitted by your works. Try to be continuous in prayer while you walk, talk, Be eat- attaching your heart to God.

Silence is the classroom where we hear the word of God. Cherish and reserve quiet time with our God. In that silence, we can discern the paths of holiness to which the Lord is calling us. When was the last time you asked Jesus to hold your hand or ask him for a warm embrace. HE is ready and waiting. Talk to Jesus my guiding light.

Prayer is the path to salvation

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