A Fresh Start

Today’s Daily Devotion – May 3, 2021

By Khai Samante

A Fresh Start - Daily Devotion

God made my life complete    when I placed all the pieces before him. When I got my act together,    he gave me a fresh start. – Psalm 18:20-21

Read Psalm 18:20-24

Am I living my life according to the way God wants it to be? This is a question we can reflect on. It is important to have a heart check from time to time and ask God to reveal into the light the areas of our life that hides in the darkness.

Our story in the past—including the brokenness and the mess—are important pieces of our life puzzle. God has always been working behind the scenes of our life to put together a beautiful story that would display the mercy, love, and forgiveness of God to the world. The psalmist says that when we place all the pieces of our life before him, we are made righteous not because of what we do but because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

God wants you to be a part of His story. He is giving a free gift of salvation and He wants you to have a fresh start to a life that is way better and greater that the life the world can offer. Your story matters to God.

Our story is a big deal to God.

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