Healing Touch


What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is a “energy therapy” that employs gentle hand techniques to re-pattern the patient’s energy field and speed up healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Healing Touch is based on the idea that humans are energy fields that are constantly interacting with others and the environment. It is an effortless form of meditation. The hand placements induce a meditative state and help us to become still. A relaxed mind and body give us a foundation for healing, and remind our system of its capacity to self-heal.

We can practice Healing Touch anytime, anywhere.

Healing Touch Hand Positions

Healing Touch-1

1. Top of Head


Healing Touch-2

2. Eyes / Face

Pineal Gland

Healing Touch-3

3. Jaw / Throat

Thyroid Gland

Healing Touch-4

4. Back of Head / Neck

Thyroid Gland

Healing Touch-5

5. Upper Chest


Healing Touch-6

6. Middle of Chest


Healing Touch-7

7. Upper Abdomen

Adrenal Glands

Healing Touch-8

8. Lower Abdomen

Reproductive Glands

Final Points

1. If you are having trouble clearing your mind, always return to your breathing 4-7-8.

2. Get into a comfortable position.

Slide information taken with permission from Christine Mosley at www.reikiselfcare.com