November 14, 2023 Daily Devotion

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

I will give thanks to you, O Lord, with all my heart.

Psalm 138:1

What if we thank God for his blessings even before we receive them? We serve a powerful God. It is a compliment when we ask big things from God. When we thank God prior to receiving his blessings, we acknowledge that God is in control and whatever the outcome we give thanks because of his mercy and goodness.

This certainly can be difficult for us at times. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude takes time and effort. God rejoices every time with seek him in prayer and meditation. He hears every word and knows what is in our hearts. He has given us the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts, words and actions. Simple grounding or centering exercise and positive affirmations are available at to find pure peace in the presence of Jesus Christ, to lead with love, and to be fully alive in mind, body, and spirit

Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude: Jesus

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

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Unite all in Love for God is Love!

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