July 6, 2020

Death to Sin

As to HIS death, he died to sin once and for all; as to HIS life, he lives for GOD.

Romans 6:10

I had the privilege to read this at church recently. God picked me to be his messenger for this day. Through God’s sovereignty and grace we are blessed that each day can be a new beginning. It is simply a choice to surrender to the love of Jesus Christ-the only one that can change your heart. We are always only one step away of reclaiming the “Sacred Path” that God intends us to follow. How wonderful God is to give us an example through his beloved son, Jesus Christ. How did Jesus live for God?

1. Start with God- Jesus I need you.
2. Stay with God- Jesus I trust you.
3. End with God- Jesus I love you.

Talk to Jesus in the morning, talk to Jesus in the night, talk to Jesus my guiding light.

Live for God!

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