Elijah Translates: “My God Is the Lord.”

Today’s Daily Devotion – September 14, 2021

By Dr. George Ceremuga

Know that the Lord himself is God… — Psalm 100:3

One afternoon, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to take a walk throughout the neighborhood. As I was finishing talking with my mother, I saw some painters at a nearby house. I heard the men talking and laughing. As I walked closer, I heard them speaking in Spanish. As a beginner in this language, I delight in sharing greetings and basic conversation. Buenas tardes, amigos amables: Go afternoon my kind friends.

I have been praying to find painters for my deck. Within minutes, Elijah- the confident foreman, Joab, and Steven were at my house and Elijah gave me a fair bid. In a few days, their craftmanship on full display, the work was completed. We enjoyed a “buffalo taco” lunch together. They were patient with me as I practiced my Spanish. We prayed together before they started their work.

I was pleased to see that they honored the Sabbath (Domingo- Sunday) to spend time at church with their families. Joab (King David’s military commander) introduced me to a friend for another home project. All of these blessings came from one yes to the Holy Spirit. Indeed, my God is the Lord!

Listen, Obedience, Love!

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