Giving: Partnership with God

Today’s Daily Devotion – February 9, 2021

By Khai Samante

How do you give? Do you give generously and cheerfully or sparingly and unwillingly?

God approves of a cheerful giver. Whenever we give, it reflects how much we trust God. We receive spiritual blessings when we give. There’s joy whenever we see other people smile because of simple gifts of love we give them. It can be our time, prayer, acts of kindness, tithes, or financial help, whatever we give with a cheerful heart is an act of partnership with God in advancing His kingdom here on earth. We are sharing Jesus Christ to the world whenever we give with the right heart and right intentions.

Have you been giving the leftovers of your life and resources? Don’t miss out on the genuine joy and blessing of giving and living. Ask God how you can be a blessing to others today. There is more in God than the goods and possession this world can give.

Lord, change me and be the person you want me to be.​

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