Happy New Year And Many Blessings!

Today’s Daily Devotion – January 1 2023

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

I remember the days that are past: I ponder all your works. — Psalm 143:5

Team Love God is putting the finishing touches on their book: All for the glory of God daily inspirations. My neighbor, Chuck, a child of God and talented artist/illustrator offered to write a review of this book. “Reading All for the glory of God daily inspirations is like the first play in a game. It sets the tone for the rest of my day, with words to encourage and thoughts to ponder.” Team Love God appreciates his kind words and support of our efforts.

Then next day, from two of my devotional books, the word “ponder” appeared. I told Chuck that he is a prophet. The word ponder means to think about something carefully before making a decision or reaching a conclusion. The Psalmist continues in Psalm 143:8

In the morning let me know your love for I put my trust in you. Make me know the way I should walk, to you I lift up my soul.

Ponder the power of Jesus Christ!

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Brothers and sisters in Christ,

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