Heart to Pray for Others

Today’s Daily Devotion – November 3, 2021

By Khai Samante

Heart to Pray for Others - Daily Devotion

I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart. — Romans 9:2

Read Romans 9:1-5

Paul’s compassion for the Jews is described as one of great sadness and unending pain. He is a Jew, and his Jewish identity and compassion for his fellow Jews have never wavered. God employed Paul not only for Jews but also for Gentiles. Jews considered Paul as a traitor, resisted him, and even plotted his assassination. Despite his experiences at the hands of Jews, he still feels enormous grief and unrelenting anguish for them. He never stopped expressing his deep affection for them.

Let us cultivate a heart like Paul’s, one that is constantly filled with great grief and a genuine desire for the salvation of the surrounding people. Trust in God’s sovereignty and let Him handle everything. God asks us to put our faith in Him and entrust our families, friends, and even our country’s salvation to Him. God wants to use us to carry out his intentions for our nation.

So, where do we begin? Begin by asking God to instill in us a sense of care and burden for others. Make a list of the people’s names and ask God to give you the heart to pray for others. Prayer has a lot of power, even if it appears to be simple.

Devote time to praying for the salvation of others; God loves them as well.

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