1 Peter 4:13 Daily Devotion | March 25 2023

Hope In Adversity

Today’s Daily Devotion

March 24, 2023

By Khai Samante

Like storms, adversity will always be a part of our life. We will face different circumstances that crush our hopes and our dreams. God says in His Word we will be healed, but we still suffer from our illness; we will be the lender, but we still have debts; He will bring restoration, but everything in our life and our family still seems broken. Where can we find hope in adversity?

What we declare during the storms in our life will have a great impact on how we will overcome it. Declare God’s promises with faith because what He starts, He finishes. What God promised will come to pass. Do we have the faith to trust that He is in sovereign and control? God is big enough to handle our circumstances. He never runs out of the option to help us. Rather than being moved by what we see, let us choose to be moved by what we know about God. Let us speak life in the middle of death, victory in the middle of defeat.

But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed.
1 Peter 4:13

Holy Spirit, fill me with real life.

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