I Am Blessed Daily Devotion

July 14, 2020

I Am Blessed

God blessed them…

Genesis 1:28

Read Genesis 1:26-31

When God told Adam and Eve to “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion… over every living thing that moves on the earth (v. 28),” He is not commanding them, rather He is blessing them and giving them a promise. 

The man was made last of all the creatures. God values it as an honor and a favor to Him. Even though we are created the same day that God created the beasts, God made us different from all he created. We are made with flesh and spirit, hence we are made of heaven and earth. We are made not only to live as mere flesh like the animals but as a creature with spirit to glorify God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 

Even from the beginning, God pronounced His divine blessings upon mankind. God formed us for dominion over the earth to display not our power as humans but to display the power of God. He blessed us not because we did something to deserve His blessings but because He delights in blessing us. Whatever it is that you are going through right now, may you be reminded that the God who created all things has already blessed you.

Lord, help me face the day, despite all the difficulties, with a grateful heart knowing that I am blessed!

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