March 25, 2024 Daily Devotion

I Do Believe!

Get up and pray that you may not undergo the test.

Luke 22:46

In the 2024 “Little Black Book” on the Passion according to Luke, Jesus tells his disciples to pray that they may not undergo the test. This is the same Greek word Luke used earlier for Jesus’ temptation in the desert, and in the Our Father when Jesus said,” …lead us not into temptation.” What is this temptation/test?”  

It is the big one. Is there a God, really? Is evil going to win after all? Am I wasting my time trying to lead a decent life? We are all faced with these questions in our life that may cast doubt on our faith. Jesus faced this question head-on with the devil in the desert, and in the Garden of Gethsemane. We know he is truly God, but he took on a human nature, so he was tempted with human thoughts and feelings. I think we all can identify with the father of the sick boy when Jesus instructed him to have faith, the father replied with words I can make my own: “I do believe. Help my unbelief.” (Mark 9:24) 

Help my unbelief!

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

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Unite all in Love for God is Love!

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