October 18, 2023 Daily Devotion

Life Idols

They will not trust the great things they have made. They will not go to the special gardens and altars they made for false gods.

Isaiah 17:8 ERV

Read Isaiah 17  

Isaiah 17 is the fourth oracle concerning the alliance of Damascus and Israel in the time of Isaiah. It reminds us how rebellious and stubborn we are. This human nature is still very apparent until today. In our weakness, we surrender to God, God will save us, then when we are strong again, we will again forget God and depend on our own power. And the cycle sometimes just keeps on repeating without us noticing. We are again idolizing ourselves and other things apart from God. 

Despite our actions, God remains merciful. He remains faithful to His promise. He still makes His mercies new every morning. He never stops on forgiving us when we repent and ask for forgiveness. He never stops on loving us. He demonstrated His love by sending His son Jesus Christ to pay the price of our sins, to redeem us, to make us free, and make us a new creation. Jesus bought us with a price; let us not become slaves of men or of whatever idols we have again. 

Lord, reveal to us any idols that creep in and replace
you at the center of our life.

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

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