Love Rules Over All Things

Today’s Daily Devotion – November 12 2022

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

Do everything in love. — 1 Corinthians 16:14

There are 12 virtues taught in the Lakota culture essential to balance and happiness. They include Humility, Respect, Honor, Perseverance, Sacrifice, Truth, Compassion, Bravery, Fortitude, Generosity, Wisdom and the most important LOVE.

Cantognake is Lakota for love. More than just compassion, love is having the flame of emotion in one’s heart. Love rules over all things. The whole universe exists because of love, it is the motive of all creation. It is not attachment because love can even be an incentive to be unattached. Love represents the balance that exists in everything. The warmth of the sun’s rays is the sun’s love for us. The ultimate love is spiritual joy which is responsible for life. Deep within each one of us and everything Is this basic emotion known as Spirit.

The Spirit is love and love connects all that is good.

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Unite all in love for God is love!

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

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