Put to Death

Today’s Daily Devotion – May 22, 2021

By Khai Samante

Put to Death - Daily Devotion

Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature. – Colossians 3:5

Paul starts Colossians 3 with a focus on practical Christian living. Our identification with Jesus becomes true as we understand that He was really resurrected from the dead. Because we were raised with Christ, we can act like Jesus did when He was resurrected. This means setting our eyes on things above and not on earthly things.

It is difficult not to go with the flow when you are seeing everyone doing it, when it seems like it is not “against the norm” to do it even though according to the word of God, it is a sin. But because we understand our identity, that we are raised with Christ, we can put to death the aspects of our lives that contradict our relationship with Jesus.

We become what we feed ourselves. If we are feeding ourselves with worldly things and thoughts, no doubt it will reflect on our actions and responses to circumstance. But when we feed ourselves day and night with the word of God, the love and grace of God will just constantly overflow in us.

Lord, help us be like Jesus.

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