Sleep Deeply and Soundly

Today’s Daily Devotion – August 9, 2021

By Khai Samante

Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. – Matthew 8:24 NIV

Remember when Jesus calmed the storm in Matthew 8? This wasn’t a typical spring shower. The disciples who were with Jesus in the boat were quite familiar with the ways of the sea. For sure, it was not their first time to experience squall. Even experienced fishermen, one of whom is Peter, were terrified by the storm, to the point of fearing death (Luke 8:24). So they ran to wake up Jesus.

Even though the storm was “already filling” the boat, Jesus slept deeply and soundly. Years ago, I recall a 2-hour boat voyage to the Caramoan Islands in the Philippines. The 10-hour road trip exhausted me, and so I slept while on the boat that would take us to the island. Then the cool wind and water jolted me awake. As I opened my eyes, I noticed other people who appeared to be terrified and wet. The sea is no longer visible. Because of the high wind and rain, everything is merely gray and hazy. My first instinct was to pray. I remembered how God had calmed the squall, and I had faith that He would do it again. He went ahead and did it. We arrived safely on the island.

The Bible says when a believer lies down, he will not be afraid; when he lies down, his sleep will be sweet (Proverbs 3:24). This is why, when Jesus awoke, He reprimanded the disciples, asking, “Have you still no faith?” (Mark 4:40).

When was the last time you had a sweet and peaceful sleep? Seven to nine hours of sleep nightly is also a part of the Five Pillars of Wellness. Having a sound sleep because of our trust in Jesus also helps us have a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Let’s put our faith in Jesus. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

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