John 21:7 Daily Devotion - June 7 2023

So He Made Them Breakfast!

Today’s Daily Devotion

June 7, 2023

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

After the resurrection Jesus really looked out for the Apostles. How could he convince them he as forgiven them for their betrayal and running away? How could he strengthen their faith and show them he was now the same Lord as before Calvary? Jesus got the message to them to go to Galilee where they had happy memories of meals, conversations, healing, and friendship.

What better way to get things back to love and mission than to have a meal. So he made them breakfast! Interesting isn’t it to note that Jesus’ last meal with them was not supper, but breakfast-giving them energy and strength for their future mission of spreading the gospel message of salvation for the kingdom of God. Invite Jesus to your table of plenty…

Jesus is risen!

It is the Lord!
John 21:7

Risen Lord, I place myself at your service in the ordinary moments of life.

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