September 16, 2020 Daily Devotion

Success: Joyfully Seeking the Will of God

Proclaim the salvation of God day by day; tell among the nations his glory.

Psalm 96: 2-3

Recently, I was interviewing a fellow classmate for the Executive Director position for the Best of the Corps West Point Class of 1984 Legacy of Love Foundation. Love is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, family, nation, and to the world. It is our path to Salvation. We are all made for the same purpose to Love and be Loved. Unconditional Love is the greatest healer. 

Part of our vision is to create a world-class Center of Excellence for Holistic Health and Healing at West Point founded on the principles that unconditional Love is the greatest healer and that God is the great physician and prayer is the best medicine. We also stand in solidarity with the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation to fulfill their vision to bring a Medical Center and Medical School to the 1000-acre Crazy Horse Memorial campus in the sacred Black Hills (Paha Sapa) of western South Dakota. 

After two days touring the Black Hills and visiting the Crazy Horse Memorial, my last question to him was: “What is your definition of success?” Mine is Joyfully seeking the will of God.  

What is yours?

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

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Unite all in Love for God is Love!

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