Powder River Medical Center

Broadus, MT | September 2020-2021

Oh, George, you came here to help an area that needed medical care and you stepped up to the plate. Thank you so much, we appreciate your positive attitude and the fact that you are so encouraging. You have left your mark on the community with your generosity and care also. Keep in touch and keep praying for us, we need it.
With gratitude and love, Kerry.

Thank you for all your care, concern, love, lessons, pillars, generosity you have given and taught all of us! You are truly one of a kind! Thank you for you!
Take care and Keep in touch.
Love Vikki

Thank you for your care to our community in our time of need. Best of luck in your future endeavors!
– Darlynn

We all wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for our community. Your positivity and cheerfulness brings us all big smiles and I am very thankful for that. I hope to see you on your Jesus and God world tour.
– Love Morgan

Fully Alive OH Empowerment Conference

Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital, Warren, OH | 4 November 2018

I would love to learn more about Qi-Gong. Thank you!
I would like to learn more about behavioral/mental issues secondary to neurological disease.
Higher frequency of events!
Well done and inspirational!

Fully Alive OH Empowerment Conference Evaluation

After the conference, the attendees felt more empowered to “own their health”, with less stress and pain. All attendees felt that they would incorporate self-care into their lives!

Did you feel more empowered to own the health of your mind, body, and spirit after the conference?

YES: 70%

After the conference, do you feel more empowered to own the health of your mind, body, and spirit?

YES: 98%

Prior to the conference, what was your stress level?


After the conference, what was your stress level:


Prior to the conference please rate your pain level:


After the conference, what was your pain level:


Do you feel you will incorporate some of the self-care techniques into your life?

YES: 100%

We want to thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion and most importantly your time with us. We appreciate all you do and your generosity in sharing your gifts. You are definitely an Earth Angel. Thank you!
Holly Maggiano, MD
President, Earth Angel Farms

In partnership with the Samueli Institute, Dr. George Ceremuga led a team from Fort Belvoir Community Hospital in a national collaborative focused on alleviating chronic pain and reducing opioid addiction. Dr. Ceremuga’s drive and passion to include integrative practices at his workplace enabled his team to institute multiple holistic processes. His inspirational five pillars of wellness for optimal health were shared freely with the group, and the collaborative teams were elevated because of his vision, knowledge, experience, skill, and commitment to holistic health and healing. Dr. Ceremuga is an inspirational, thoughtful, kind, and caring practitioner. His focus on all the domains of health – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – means a very deep understanding of patients and colleagues alike. I am honored we were able to work together.
Sandi L. Gordon, B.Sc., CEC
CEO, Healthitology, GEC Group LLC Company
I would be honored to provide a testimonial elaborating on your dedication and commitment to Holistic Health and Healing. Your legacy to Fort Belvoir Community Hospital cannot be overstated—the team learned from your expertise and how you role modeled the behavior of a caring, compassionate and holistic provider. Your vision “Empower ourselves to Optimal Health of our mind, body and spirit “ inculcated the entire Inpatient substance abuse program and extended to the general staff population through your lunch and learns. I for one miss the events, learning and time to commit to mindfulness behaviors you shared. I wish you much success on your continued journey to help the medical community improve and am inspired by having known and worked with you
Jennifer Vedral-Baron, MN, ARNP, NP-C, FAANP, FACHE
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | Health System Director
Working with Dr. George Ceremuga is always a privilege and a joy. His commitment to holistic health and healing illuminates each encounter and everyone involved leaves inspired and feeling better. We worked together to tackle chronic pain at a military treatment facility. Integrating non-pharmacological approaches to relieve pain and improve the individual’s ability to manage their pain and regain control of their life is difficult in conventional medical practices. George’s patience, attention to individual relationships and willingness to mentor his colleagues allowed the military practice to grow and begin the practice transformation needed to more holistically care for patients with chronic pain. Dr. Ceremuga distills complex health questions to five simple rules that allow people to take back control of their health and well-being. This talent for getting to the essence of what is truly important in a supportive and loving way makes Dr. Ceremuga an exquisite clinician and partner in your journey toward optimal health and well-being. “Sometimes just being in someone’s presence is strong medicine.” ― Rachel Naomi Remen, My Grandfather’s Blessings: Stories of Strength, Refuge, and Belonging Blessings on you and your practice!
Bonnie R. Sakallaris, PhD, RN,
Vice President, Optimal Healing Environments Thought Leadership and Innovation Foundation

Fully Alive SD Empowerment Conference

South Dakota | 28 April 2018

Thank you. This was an extraordinary opportunity to fellowship with like-minded seekers. I enjoyed praying, meditating, exercising, learning with fellow travelers. Thank you so much for the wisdom and experience you have shared with us today. I am very grateful for your generosity. And the meal was wonderful, thanks!
Great information on food facts!
Stress free conference – loved it! Thank you!
More yoga and guided meditation – loved it!
I really enjoyed this presentation! Thank you!
I look forward to the Wednesday sessions in May.
You did a wonderful job: A+ and thank you. Pilamaya!
Thank you for this conference and the food and water.
I learned a lot from the presentations. Get rid of my sugar and pop.
This conference was enjoyable, informative and fun. More time for questions and answers.
You did a wonderful job: A+ and thank you. Pilamaya!
Well done! Can’t think of anything that could have been added in our allotted time.
It might be helpful to hold a conference for Head Start or in Pine Ridge. Thank you!
Good job. Great to educate the public on health as each person’s responsibility. We are designed for health, not illness!
Did a great job! I’m a health coach so everything was well prepared and appreciated.
Well done! Can’t think of anything that could have been added in our allotted time.
Did a great job! I’m a health coach so everything was well prepared and appreciated.

Fully Alive SD Empowerment Conference Evaluation

Did you feel more empowered to own the health of your mind, body, and spirit after the conference?

YES: 100%

Did you feel less stressed after the conference?

YES: 91%

Did you feel less pain after the conference?

YES: 48%

Do you feel you will incorporate some of the self-care techniques into your life?

YES: 100%

Health Is Primary

2016 USAFP Annual Meeting | 18-22 March 2016

Thank you for your outstanding presentation at the USAFP 2016 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Denver, Colorado.  We realize that being a presenter required considerable planning, effort, and preparatory time on your part.  We had a fantastic attendance this year, and much of that was due to the excellent CME program of which you were an important contributor.  Your commitment and excellence helped make the meeting a great success.   On behalf of the USAFP members, we are very grateful for your contribution to our organization.  Please continue your involvement in USAFP.  We are proud to have worked with you in putting on a great conference and hope to see you next year at the 2017 USAFP Annual Meeting and Exposition scheduled 5-9 March at the Westin Seattle.
Eddie Kwon, MD & Shane Larson, MD
2016 Program Co-Chairs
Loved it!
Just keep the faith, brother.
Great offerings. Thank you. Please send slides.
Presentations were great. Thank you for the opportunity to go through exercises -awesome!

Empowering Ourselves to Optimal Health through Self Care Modalities Rating

How well did the presentation cover the learning objectives?

4.55 80

Did the speaker demonstrate expertise in the topic and meet your educational needs?


Please rate the content, format, organization and delivery of the speaker’s presentation.


Will the education from this session improve your professional effectiveness?

YES: 80%

Do you anticipate as a result of this lecture you could see improvements in patient care?

YES: 89%

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC)

Pain Skills Training | 16-17 Sep 2015

Well done!! Absolutely enjoyed the workshop.
Would like to incorporate mindfulness, yoga, deep breathing into practice.
Yes, this was so helpful. Not only did I learn several additional treatment alternatives for my patients, but I learned to optimize my health and wellness even with limited time. Thank you!
Amazing session!
It was great. Provide more information about optimal health techniques.
Loved it x 2!
Most informative, Great groups and collaborative effort.