Test and Testimony

February 8, 2022 Daily Devotion
By Khai Samante

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him. – Psalm 40:3

Read Psalm 40: 1-4

There is no testimony without a test. Painful times of testing bring forth encouraging and powerful testimonies of people in their lives. The word testimony means “proof or demonstration of some fact, evidence, piece of evidence.” Our testimonies show how God brought salvation, miracles, healing, and breakthrough into our lives despite our hurt, brokenness, and hopelessness.

The theme of Psalm 37-39 is about David waiting and hoping for the Lord to deliver him from his painful situation. Here in Psalm 40, God answered. As David patiently waited for the Lord, God delivered him from his present situation and placed him in a more secure place. David’s deliverance brought forth spontaneous praise to his mouth, a new song that came from God. The deliverance and praise that came from what David experienced were powerful testimony to inspire others to fear God and trust in Him.

Psalm 37-39 tells us about David’s waiting and expecting for the Lord to save him from his distress. Here in Psalm 40, David wrote, “he turned to me and heard my cry (vv. 1).” God saved David from his current position and placed him in a more secure location as he patiently awaited the Lord. David’s deliverance inspired spontaneous praises from him, as well as a new song by God. The rescue and praise that David received because of his experience were powerful testimony to others, inspiring them to fear God and put their trust in Him.

Testimonies come in a variety of sizes and shapes. It could vary from salvation to modest victories. They all matter, big or small, because they demonstrate who God is to the rest of the world. The superstar of our testimonies is not us, but God and his infinite love, grace, and faithfulness.

Suffering can be a ministry opportunity.

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