Psalm 127:2 Daily Devotion - May 18 2023

The Futility of Relying on Our Own Strength

Today’s Daily Devotion

May 18, 2023

By Khai Samante

This scripture today reminds us that relying on our own strength and efforts is futile and exhausting. It shows us the picture of someone who works hard from dawn to dusk, trying to provide for their needs and wants. They are anxious, restless, and weary. They think that their success and security depend on their own labor and diligence.

But this verse also tells us that God is the one who provides for his beloved ones. He gives them sleep, which means rest, peace, and refreshment. God takes care of their needs and wants, even while they are asleep. He is the source of their success and security, not their own work and wisdom.

The contrast between the two attitudes is clear in this verse. Relying on our own strength leads to futility and fatigue, but relying on God leads to provision and peace. Relying on our own strength makes us miss God’s blessings, but relying on God makes us enjoy his gifts.

How can we rely on God and not on our own strength in our daily lives?

In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.
Psalm 127:2

Lord, help us to trust him and depend on him each day. Amen.

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