What Does The Lord Require Of You?

Today’s Daily Devotion – January 31 2023

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. — Micah 6:8

At a recent Youth of Fire gathering, we posed the question: What does the Lord require of you? For discussion purposes, I framed the answers as multiple choice: a. Religion b. Rules c. Relationship d. Regulations. This stimulated much discussion and dialogue within the group. Many felt all answers had merit and promoted a “relationship “with Jesus Christ. The prophet Micah echos this as a relationship with Jesus Christ fosters acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with God.

Indeed, Jesus wants a deeper relationship with us. That is why he sent us his Holy Spirit, established the Church, gave us the Eucharist, and now inspires billions. We talk to Jesus our guiding light. We turn to Him in repentance, praise, and thanksgiving as each encounter takes us to a place of peace and trust. Jesus loves me abundantly. Jesus’ presence is peace for you and me.

Jesus desires an intimate relationship…

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