What is the Meaning of Life?​

June 13, 2020 Daily Devotion
By Dr. George Ceremuga


We love because he first loved us.​ – 1 John 4:19​

The late Pope John Paul II asked the above question in his book, the Gospel of Life. So what is the answer?

‘Life finds it meaning when it is given as a gift. The meaning of life is self-giving Love.” If you want to be happy, give yourself in love. This kind of self-giving when embraced by believers would build true communion with others and build a culture of life and a civilization of Love.

In Father Michael Gaitley’s book, “The One Thing is Three”, he states that ” the happiest peope are the most generous in self-giving. It works, it has always worked and it is how people find true communion and happiness.The purpose of our life is to learn to love as the Trinity loves. The soul that accepts such training in this life will not only be filled with the joy that flows from giving love and communion; also at end of life, will easily enter into the overwhelming joy of the Kingdom of God.”

Self-giving Love!​

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