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Today’s Daily Devotion

September 22, 2023

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

The above scripture verse is how Jesus replied when asked by Mary and Joseph where he was. For Jesus, it was not something he was being forced to do, it was what he desired to do for his Father. Jesus was focused on accomplishing the will of his Father. Each day and every day.

I must be in my Father’s house.
Luke 2:49

Jesus reflected the love of his father through his teaching, healing and unconditional love. Each day is a new beginning. Each day is an opportunity to be a better version of ourselves and allow Jesus to mold us into his beloved son or daughter. Each day Jesus offers new grace and mercy. Remember, some days are better than others, yet all days are good. And let us make it a priority to be in our Father’s house in prayer, fellowship, daily mass, in the Eucharist with a heart of love and forgiveness. 

All for the glory of God!

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