No Boundaries

14 Day Mindfulness Moments – Day 7 Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion - Day 7 -14 Day Mindfulness Moment

Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you.. Isaiah 30:18

Read Isaiah 30:12-18

Paul could be the person who understands grace the most. The grace of God changed Saul, who was once persecuting the church, to Paul, who wrote almost 28% of the New Testament. Whenever you see a reported murderer in the news, have you ever thought that person can still change? Do you think a relative or a friend who’s been in and out of the rehabilitation facility can still change?

God loves us the same way He loved Paul. Our past does not interest God; He is more interested in our destiny. The grace of God will keep on looking for us wherever we go to redeem us, restore us, and make us a better person. Even when there are times we feel hopeless about our situation, God can still turn things out for good. In God, we can always have a new beginning.

It is sometimes easy for us to judge other people whom we think is worse than us. Who are we to compare our iniquities with others and easily judge them? God’s salvation is not just for us but for them too. God will save whoever He wants to save. His grace has no boundaries, so who are we to limit our grace towards others? 

God came to seek and save the lost.

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