Sirach 1:18 Daily Devotion | August 18 2023

Reverence For God

Today’s Daily Devotion

August 18, 2023

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

All glory, honor, and praise to almighty God. Reverence is a healthy “fear of the Lord.” The rewards for reverence for the Lord are glory and splendor, gladness and a festive crown, a warm heart, gladness and joy and length of days, a happy end, blessed on the day of death, the beginning of wisdom formed with the faithful in the womb (V9-12).

Fullness of wisdom is fear of the Lord, she inebriates men with her fruits. Wisdom’s garland is fear of the Lord, with blossoms of peace and perfect health. Knowledge and full understanding she showers down; she heightens the glory of those who possess her (V14-17). True wisdom is God’s external revelation of himself. The Lord is the source and preserver of wisdom.

The root of wisdom is fear of the Lord her branches are length of days.
Sirach 1:18

All God’s works reflect his wisdom.

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