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14 Day Mindfulness Moments – Bonus Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion - Bonus -14 Day Mindfulness Moment

Roll away the stone. John 11:39

Read John 11:39

Roll away the stone and see the glory of God. This popular song reminds us that if we believe we can witness the glory of God each day. Each breath is a gift from our loving and merciful God. Often we take the everyday miracles for granted. So when Martha questions Jesus about moving the stone, Jesus replies, ” Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?”  (11:40).

Jesus then cried out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” (11:43). What is keeping us from rolling away the stone and opening our hearts to the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Are we ready to shout out to the Lord so he can roll the stone away from our sinful ways? Now is always the right time to seek forgiveness by the love of Jesus Christ. We all need it and Jesus desires to give it. We all win.

Come to Jesus!

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