The New LOL: Listen-Obedience-Love

Today’s Daily Devotion – September 18, 2021

By Dr. George Ceremuga

The New LOL Listen-Oabedience-Love - Daily Devotion

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. — Proverbs 16:9

Recently, the Holy Spirit planted on my heart to go on the George and Jesus Lead with Love world tour. Jesus softly admonished me and spoke, “The Holy Spirit’s prompting was for the Jesus and George Lead with Love world tour.” Indeed, Jesus, thank you for the gentle course correction. I started my Sabbatical on September 10, 2021, in an unexpected way. A trip to West Point for 4 days was changed due to unforeseen circumstances. God is control, but we cannot dig a hole leaning on the shovel. We must be hearers and doers of the word.

God used this change to accomplish his will and he certainly delivered. My prayer warrior and Holy Spirit filled mother even called the day I was supposed to leave and was relieved that I did not attend. I may never know all the reasons that my plans changed, but God does. That is more than enough for me.

The amazing power of the Holy Spirit

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