A Red Sea Moment…​

Today’s Daily Devotion – January 23, 2021

By Khai Samante

A Red Sea Moment... - Daily Devotion

Walk by Faith and not by sight. – 2 Corinthians 5:7

Indeed, this past week has exposed many of the world’s evil and injustices. Nobody escapes judgment and nobody makes a fool of God. The apostle Paul tells us, “The lives of all of us are to be revealed before the tribunal of Christ so that each one may receive his recompense, good or bad, according to his life in the body (V. 10). Let us purify God’s temple and return to God’s laws as we experience the “Great Awakening” an epic revival that precedes the second coming of Jesus Christ. At this time, it is paramount that we give honor and respect to each person’s journey and timeline.

We know that there are better days ahead. Each day brings us closure to Jesus’s return. Let us rejoice and find peace in His presence as we continue to pursue liberty, justice and Jesus Christ. Let us be witnesses of our faith, patience, and perseverance. Good things happen when we have faith. Better things happen when we have faith and patience. The best things happen when we have faith, patience, and perseverance.

One nation under God!​

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