Up in the Morning Before the Break of Day…

Today’s Daily Devotion – January 22, 2021

By Khai Samante

Up in the Morning Before the Break of Day... - Daily Devotion

Rising very early before dawn, He left and went off to a deserted place where he prayed.​ – Mark 1:35​

In the Army, there is a saying: “Up in the morning before the break of day, I don’t like it no way. Eat my breakfast way to soon, hungry before noon.” Indeed, the good old days of the US Army. I look fondly back on these days and the importance of how God was using me as His disciple. You cannot spell disciple without discipline. The discipline to do the next right thing. How do we recharge our mind, body, and spirit?

In Mark’s gospel, Jesus is teaching us how to be refreshed, renewed and strengthened through the love of God. How do I know if my words and actions are all for the glory of God? Go off in a quiet area and talk to Jesus. Talk to almighty God, the one who created you. There you will be immersed in His love and find peace in His presence. Quietness is the classroom that we hear the word of God. It can be easy to skip our “class” with God. Yes, life is busy, yet time with God yields strength, conviction, wisdom and love to honor and serve our God. Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude: Jesus

All for the glory of God!

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