He Desires We Enjoy His Fullness

God does not want us to continue sinning and destroying ourselves. He desires we enjoy His fullness.

He Desires We Enjoy His Fullness2023-02-22T06:38:09+00:00

An Everlasting Covenant

Through Jesus Christ, we have an everlasting covenant with God.

An Everlasting Covenant2023-02-21T06:38:08+00:00

Repent and Turn Away From Idols

God calls the Israelites to repent, to turn away from their idols, and to renounce all their detestable practices.

Repent and Turn Away From Idols2023-02-20T04:56:55+00:00

Surely, LORD!

Pray for God’s blessing in your situation!

Surely, LORD!2021-12-25T23:20:39+00:00

The First Beatitude

Lord, help us recognize that we have already attained higher things—your kingdom.

The First Beatitude2021-12-13T04:10:53+00:00

True Heart of Obedience

Holy Spirit, help us seek God with both sincere hearts and sincere actions.

True Heart of Obedience2021-12-11T21:00:43+00:00
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