Psalm 85:10 Daily Devotion | July 16 2023

An Epiphany Floating in the Dead Sea

Today’s Daily Devotion

July 16, 2023

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

Team Love God recently experienced a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. As part of a yearlong sabbatical to spread the gospel message of salvation of healthcare for the glory of God, I was blessed to spend seven weeks in the Holy Land most of this time preceding our pilgrimage. I witnessed a “master-slave” society where the Jews were the oppressors and the Palestinians the oppressed. This is not sustainable and will likely lead to more violence. History will repeat itself with yet another change in controlling power in the Holy Land. Amongst many of the local Jews, Muslims, and Christians- peace, justice, and equality are a common goal.

Many felt, and I agree, that a one station solution is the answer going forward. A country that treats all of its citizens equally- Muslims, Jews and Christians. No borders, checkpoints, or control of water, electricity, or local commerce. Instead of Israel or Palestine, let’s rename the country after what it represents- “The Holy Land.” So, for a problem that is complex, the solution is quite simple. The epiphany that the Holy Spirit gave me while I was floating on my back in the Dead Sea was our Love God logo as the new state flag for the “Holy Land.” Yes, God is love and all we want is peace and love.

When kindness and truth meet, justice and peace shall kiss.
Psalm 85:10

The power of love is God!

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