The Circle is Love

Today’s Daily Devotion – September 3, 2021

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

The Circle is Love - Daily Devotion

For in this house, we will serve the Lord.  — Jeremiah 24:15

“For in this house, we will serve the Lord.”-  Jeremiah 24:15

Imagine this verse above the entrance to the Indigenous and Veteran’s College of Osteopathic Medicine of Alaska. Even better, imagine this verse above every house, building and gathering area. At our recent supper, we were gathered in a loose circle around the supper table. After prayer, I enjoy opening group dialogue with a grounding or centering exercise. This allows one to become more comfortable and at ease.

As mentioned in a recent post, I once again sang, “When I see you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, you are amazing just the way you are.” Yes, this achieved the desired results. I then followed with, “Let’s call this circle around the table, Love.” I then asked each participant. What completes the circle? Collaboration, cooperation, and service were popular answers.

For in a circle, there is nobody in front or behind, above or below. A circle invites unity. A circle is Love.

The source of unity is Love

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Unite all in love for God is love!

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

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In the September 2020 issue of “The Word Among Us”, we are reminded that God commands, “Be Holy, for I the Lord your God, am Holy.” (Leviticus 20:7). God desires a holy people. And God has given us the Paraclete- the Holy Spirit to make us Holy temples where he can dwell. As we have discussed in the Creator model of Healthcare: We are all responsible for our health and choices.

Our call to holiness is not a call to perfection. It is a moment-to-moment discussion with the Holy Spirit to joyfully seek God’s will. Pope Francis tells us that a Christian cannot think of his or her mission on earth without seeing it as a path of holiness, for this is the will of God, your sanctification.