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Today’s Daily Devotion – April 28 2022

By Dr. George Ceremuga

We must celebrate and rejoice. – Luke 15:32

Recently at daily mass, Fr. Ed’s homily spoke to my heart. The gospel passage out of Luke was on the prodigal son. Many of us are familiar with this parable. The “lost son” that was now found and welcomed back into the family by his father. We live in a world run by the logic of conditional love and cautious acceptance. In essence, it is the kind of logic that equates justice with vengeance and fairness with retribution.

But God uses the logic of divine love, not human justice. According to divine logic, it’s better for the perfect, innocent Son of God to die than for a guilty humanity to face its just condemnation. According to the divine logic, every sin can be forgiven and forgotten. This kind of logic welcomes the unrighteous prodigal and begs the self-righteous brother to soften his heart. So let us come to the table of plenty with humility and gratitude and fill our hearts with His love.

Jesus loves unconditionally…

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