Are You Ready to Stand Before the Lord?

Today’s Daily Devotion – December 10, 2021

By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

Are You Ready to Stand Before the Lord - Daily Devotion

The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. – Psalm 103:8

Each day we are blessed with a new beginning. It is always time to get right with the Lord. A good place to start is with repentance and that is where the Gospel starts. This was John the Baptist’s primary message and even Jesus began his ministry by announcing, “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel (Mark 1:15). John was preparing the way for the Messiah as they both knew that if we want to open our lives to God, we need to repent. 

So what kind of repentance is Jesus calling us to? Yes, in part it is confessing our sins with a contrite heart, yet at its core, repentance is about a change of heart. The word for repentance in the New Testament is “metanoia” meaning change your heart. A good way to start is to talk to Jesus and allow him to change our thoughts, words, and actions to align our hearts to the Lord. Overtime our new heart will rise to acts of love and service instead of selfishness and sin. 

Please lead me, Lord!

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