How Has Jesus Changed Your Life?

January 21, 2022 Daily Devotion
By Dr. George J. Ceremuga

The Spirit is the one who testifies, and the Spirit is truth. – 1 John 5:6

Recently at a daily mass, Father Tony posed this question for reflection. What is your testimony on how Jesus has changed your life? So here is my “elevator speech” ready to give testimony to the power of God: First, it is not about me. My testimony is all about Jesus and the amazing love he has for me. The Spirit of God is upon me and has blessed me with wonderful parents, siblings, children, and grandchild.

The Spirit of God has anointed me to be an ambassador for Christ as an extension of His love—to show the world a better way in healthcare: to teach, to love, and to heal through the Creator Model of Healthcare, all for the glory of God. The Spirit of God loves me unconditionally and guides me with compassionate course correction to walk the “sacred path” keeping my eyes on the prize—Jesus Christ to inherit the kingdom of God and eternal life. Please share your testimony.

The Spirit is Love and connects all that is good!

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