Living In True Peace

February 25, 2022 Daily Devotion
By Khai Samante

Living In True Peace - Daily Devotion

“And the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.” – Isaiah 32:17

Read Isaiah 32:9-20

Quietness and assurance forever. Is this possible? This seems too good to be true. Right now there is a threat of war between Ukraine and Russia. There have been fighting, killing, and war for as long as there have been people. This is the nature of our sinful nature. Is God’s promise of peace and assurance nullified by this truth?

God’s promises will be realized, but not in the ways we anticipated. By our own efforts, we humans cannot fulfill God’s promises. It can only be fulfilled through the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. We will experience peace and the fruit of righteousness in our lives as we acknowledge and submit to the Holy Spirit’s presence and power. It is only through a constant fellowship with Him and the fruits of it will overflow in our life.

When we live according to the Word of God, we will choose to lead with love. Yes, there will always be chaos around us. But because we have Jesus, our view of the surrounding chaos will be different. We will be a beacon of light in our community because we treat other people with love and righteousness. As we do that, we will enjoy living in true peace.

Lord, help me trust you and find perfect peace in you.

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