The Chief Cornerstone

Today’s Daily Devotion – May 17 2022

By Khai Samante

The Chief Cornerstone

The stone that the builders rejected

has now become the cornerstone.

This is the Lord’s doing,

and it is wonderful to see.

This is the day the Lord has made.

We will rejoice and be glad in it.

-Psalm 118:22-24

Read Psalm 118

“The Stone which the builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone,” is the most quoted Old Testament text in New Testament Scripture.

Do you know that in the construction of a structure, the main cornerstone is very important? It is the first and most essential stone set. It directs, supports, and stabilizes the construction of a complete building project. And you know what? The Lord Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone on which we establish our trust in God’s plan of redemption. However, Jesus is the stone that was rejected. The elders of Israel rejected Jesus Christ as their prophet, priest, and King. The teachers of the Law also rejected Him as the Son of God. Until today, there are still people who reject Jesus Christ and do not acknowledge Him as their Lord and Savior.

It is through the Lord’s doing that we get to know Jesus and come to His saving faith. Jesus Christ is the precious stone to whom our faith is founded. There is nothing we can brag or claim. It is all the Lord’s doing, and it is indeed wonderful to see. Come! Let us rejoice and be glad!

There is a reason to rejoice and be glad every day because of what Jesus, the Cornerstone, did for us.

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