Jeremiah 17:9 Daily Devotion February 17 2023

God’s Divine Providence

Today’s Daily Devotion

February 17, 2023

By Dr. George Ceremuga

How do you know if you are being convicted by the Holy Spirit, your own desires, or a desire of the evil one? One thing that helps me with my discernment is if it is of God, He will orchestrate the way just as a conductor directing the symphony. I was at daily mass on February 1st at the Air Force Base. I felt the Holy Spirit convict me to ask Father and Deacon about holding an ecumenical prayer, worship, and healing service later this Spring.

Father and Deacon were “all in” and my next stop was to visit the wing Chaplain for his support and approval. Just like clockwork, I was promptly welcomed by the wing Chaplain and his staff and received their endorsement. The Chaplain appreciated my visit and asked me to coordinate this effort with Father and Deacon. As I was leaving the Chaplain’s office, I opened the door for Father to enter and shared the “good news.” By the power of the Holy Spirit, we were able to complete the task, start to finish, in less than one hour. Indeed, all through God’s divine providence and the power of the Holy Spirit!

Do not follow your heart, follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
Jeremiah 17:9

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

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