Matthew 6:9 Daily Devotion | March 16 2023

Prayer Is A Purposeful Encounter With Jesus

Today’s Daily Devotion

March 16, 2023

By Dr. George Ceremuga

Prayer is a purposeful encounter with Jesus nurturing the divine exchange. The goal of our prayer is to draw near to Jesus and He will draw near to us. Jesus taught us a way to pray that both reveals God’s heart to us and invites us to attune our hearts to his. As we pray the “Lord’s prayer,” we acknowledge who God is—Our Father, who loves us unconditionally. When we pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done,” we are aligning our hearts with God’s desire to see His kingdom flourish on earth.

We trust God will provide our daily bread to nourish our bodies, as well as the Eucharist, to strengthen our spirit. Jesus knows the depths of God’s mercy for us and invites us to repent of our sins each time we pray. When we forgive others, we are reminded of what God has already done for us, as our sins will be forgiven. As we end the Lord’s prayer, we ask God to deliver us from evil-acknowledging his might, power, and victory over sin.

This is how you are to pray.
Matthew 6:9

Jesus, may my prayer lead me to the heart of the Father!

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