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Dr. George Ceremuga is a passionate physician and health educator who uses coaching and workshops to offer the world a better way in healthcare—to teach, love, and heal. Through holistic healing and the Five Pillars of Wellness, he is on a mission to teach others how to be fully alive in mind, body, and spirit.

We want to thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion and most importantly your time with us. We appreciate all you do and your generosity in sharing your gifts. You are definitely an Earth Angel. Thank you!

Holly Maggiano, MD

President, Earth Angel Farms


Mind, Body, and Spirit​


“Own It” through the 5 Pillars of Wellness


Body is amazingly made for wellness. Self-healing and self-regulating.​


Healthcare Curriculum - 5 Pillars of Wellness

Empowered by the 5 Pillars of Wellness. The Glory of God is man fully alive in mind, body, and spirit.

Meditation and Mindfulness

The trait, state, or practice of non-judgmentally focusing with receptive awareness on sensations, feelings, thoughts or external stimuli that arise in the present moment.

Alternative Medicine

The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct the patient in the care of the human frame in diet and in the cause and prevention of diseases.

-Thomas Edison,1903


Would your ancestors recognize the food you eat today? What we eat is what we become. Choose healthier traditional options to reclaim control over your eating choices.

Smile, Breathe, Love

Three words to change the world. Living a life fully alive inside and out.

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Success Stories

"Thank you for your outstanding presentation at the USAFP 2016 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Denver, Colorado. We realize that being a presenter required considerable planning, effort, and preparatory time on your part. We had a fantastic attendance this year, and much of that was due to the excellent CME program of which you were an important contributor. Your commitment and excellence helped make the meeting a great success."
Eddie Kwon, MD & Shane Larson, MD
2016 Program Co-Chairs USAFP Uniformed Family Physicians