Lead With Love

Daily Devotion

Take a transforming one-year journey with “Lead with Love,” an empowering compilation of 365 Daily Devotions written by Dr. George Ceremuga and Khai Samante.

This book, which has its roots in the Creator Model of Healthcare, is proof that you can maximize your body, mind, and spirit by taking charge of your health. Love is the driving force behind every message as you immerse yourself in this life-changing experience.

Lead with love as the
power of love is God

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Meet the Authors

Dr. George J. Ceremuga

Dr. George, an Osteopathic Family Physician and Christ ambassador, practices holistic healing through God’s healthcare model, inviting readers on a transformative journey to holistic well-being. With a focus on empowering individuals to thrive in mind, body, and spirit, he illuminates the path to wellness through five pillars. This book embodies his commitment to glorify God by harmonizing health and spirituality.

Khai Samante

Karen Joie Samante, affectionately known as Khai, is a devout follower of Christ and a guiding leader for women’s spiritual journeys. With grace and competence, she played a pivotal role in steering DrGeorgeJ.com. Khai’s unwavering commitment to Christ shines as she inspires others, leaving a lasting impact on Team Love God.

Together, Dr. George and Khai co-authored the Lead with Love Daily Devotion, aiming to share, demonstrate, and embody love. They hope readers find peace in Jesus Christ through daily messages of faith, hope, and love. Talk to Jesus, our guiding light. Lead with Love, for the power of love is God.

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