5 Pillars of Wellness

Discipline to empower ourselves to Optimal Health of our Mind, Body and Spirit



Filtered, bottled or spring water

Our bodies are 70% water, avoid chloride, fluorine and heavy metals in our tap water (toxins). Drink 3 QTS of water daily. Brita filter is a great investment.


Healthy Food


Plant based anti-inflammatory diet

Food is medicine. Fruits and vegetables should be the mainstay of our diets. Anti-inflammatory diet provided and reviewed with patient. Make small changes: add one fruit and one vegetable per day and increase slowly. Apple cider vinegar one teaspoon with one teaspoon of honey in a large glass of water is a great anti-inflammatory and also aids in digestion and provides many micronutrients vital to maintain health and wellness.

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Exercise on most days

Motion is a lotion. 20-30 minutes. Be open to Yoga: calm the mind, relax the body and renew the spirit. Yoga meets you where you are at and is low impact and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities/disabilities.


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Sleep 7-9 hours nightly

Discipline to control the electronics, prepare ourselves for sleep. If we are living all the pillars, sleep should become natural and we should not medication. Meditation, Reiki self-care, breathing exercises: 4-7-8, routine aerobic exercise, yoga, Chamomille/sleepy time tea, prayer, music all can assist in uninterrupted sleep. Alcohol and drugs disrupt our normal sleep patterns and we do not enter into REM or restful sleep.



Love and Forgiveness of self and others

Unconditional Love is the greatest healer. Many of us carry wounds of the soul. It is important to work on being loving and forgiving to self and others. Integrative medicine treats the mind, body and spirit. Mother earth contains numerous remedies for our illnesses. Life comes from the Great Spirit from which all healing begins. Each of us is responsible for our own health.


Discipline to empower ourselves to Optimal Health of our Mind, Body and Spirit.

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